Love you forever,Like you for Always,

Love you forever,Like you for Always,
As long as Im living Your Mommy I will be !

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gods timing is ALWAYS perfect !

Sometimes I really struggle with this..and this is one of those times.Why me Lord...why us? Are you sure ?
As I watch some of my older children struggle with their choices..I rejoice and PRAISE JESUS they are learning their way, is NO way..they need Jesus...and in order for them to see that..I as their mom, must watch them fall. I was on the phone the other day with a dear friend..sharing with her my mommies heart and how hard it was killing me to see my Connor live with the choices he has I want to so badly to run and rescue him and hold him tight and make everything okay again..You see .. my son is CHOOSING to live on the streets with his girlfriend..he could come home..but he chooses NOT too..And because he is 18,I cant do anything about it..This has been one of the hardest things this mom has ever done,to let go and let God!! Connor has learning disabilities...he has FAS. Safety nets have always been in place for services and programs for him..special school setting and curriculum...the day he turned 17 1/2..its alllll gone..done...there is NOTHING to help him anymore...

I love my son dearly..more than he could possibly know..I would give my life for his..Oh how I pray he finds Jesus and knows how much he is loved by his heavenly father... God has a purpose for his life..a plan..a WONDERFUL plan ... and living on the streets isn't one of them!

My friend shared with me that God also watched Adam and Eve,His children, sin,He let them choose,and He let them fall ..oh how that must have hurt His heart deeply...knowing what the consequences would be...I'm reminded that guilt isn't from God but from the devil and I'm holding onto God promise that if I raise my children up in the way they shall go..they will NOT depart from thee !! Thank you God for your promises. Lord please watch over my children...all of them..I understand they have free will, and as much as I wish that could be changed..maybe until they are 30...that it cannot! God please grant them your favor, keep them warm and safe...Father I trust in YOU...draw them near...let them know YOU, as their Lord and Savior,its not their mom...Use me as their mom to show them that !!! In Jesus name I pray !
I love you Connor Lee Samuel....God loves you even more !!!

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