Love you forever,Like you for Always,

Love you forever,Like you for Always,
As long as Im living Your Mommy I will be !

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Celebrating Jesus Birthday 2012

Burrrr,it was a really cold Christmas this year-We started Christmas Eve by going to church-meeting Daddy there,because he had to work.We were all dressed in our new Christmas clothes and by the time we got there our church was PACKED ! We ended up sitting in the lobby and helped fix coffee and cutting cake for everyone when service was over.We came home to eating supper then opening two gifts,our new jammies and ornaments-
Tyler and the babies came to spend the night..Alisha and Brenner were here as well..Connor and Linda were also able to make it for a couple hours ... I was up most of the night baking pies..I think I finally fell asleep at 3 am..making Christmas morning come,oh so much faster.

We started a new tradition this year.We have always made a Birthday Cake for Jesus,trying to encourage our children to remember "The Reason" we celebrate in the first often I find myself reminding them ..this is a CELEBRATION ..a Birthday Party for Jesus..this ISN'T about you or what YOU want my dear !!! In following that theme...we also give 3 gifts to each person..representing the gifts the three wise men came and gave on that very first night..Our children were thrilled and no complaints were made-I loved making this switch-I found myself each year trying to out do the last...we had created selfish ungrateful was time for a change !
Here are some Steinhoff moments as we Celebrated the birth of our Savior,Jesus Christ !

Love Rona

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tommorrow is Christmas Eve,

I love this time of year,its when all of my family members come together and we spend "quality" time as a family,playing games and watching movies and sharing stories .. our house gets pretty loud and its WONDERFUL ! We WILL have a white Christmas,so add to the list snowboarding and sledding too..oh and don't forget the hot chocolate and mini marshmallows !!

Some precious family members will be missing and missed for sure!
Justin-you are in our hearts and we are praying for you my son!!

Shawn and my dear DIL and grandson are missed so much more than you will ever know...I cannot wait to come and see your new house and spend quality time together..Isaac Meme loves you to the moon and back XXXOO..

Connor/ I love you..unconditionally, and we will miss you this year..I pray you will change your mind and come home for Christmas..I pray for you son, that you will know Jesus and follow his plan for your life!

To all the rest of our precious kiddos...get ready for some feasting,fun and family time !!!

Love Mom

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Carrington turns 3 !!

Happy Birthday sweet girl !! I hope you got your gifts from us..we also received new pictures and updates on your weight and are growing a wee bit..please not tooo fast Lord,we have already missed so much ! Carrington,Mommy-Daddy and all your sisters and brothers cannot wait to hug you and kiss your sweet cheeks! We are praying for you sweet girl...this WILL be the last Birthday you spend in a orphanage precious!!! As we draw closer to Christmas,life is so so so are always in our hearts and you are always on our mind...we look forward to NEXT year because you will be home here with us...our family will be complete as we celebrate our first Christmas together...Happy Birthday Baby girl !!!

Love Mommy

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gods timing is ALWAYS perfect !

Sometimes I really struggle with this..and this is one of those times.Why me Lord...why us? Are you sure ?
As I watch some of my older children struggle with their choices..I rejoice and PRAISE JESUS they are learning their way, is NO way..they need Jesus...and in order for them to see that..I as their mom, must watch them fall. I was on the phone the other day with a dear friend..sharing with her my mommies heart and how hard it was killing me to see my Connor live with the choices he has I want to so badly to run and rescue him and hold him tight and make everything okay again..You see .. my son is CHOOSING to live on the streets with his girlfriend..he could come home..but he chooses NOT too..And because he is 18,I cant do anything about it..This has been one of the hardest things this mom has ever done,to let go and let God!! Connor has learning disabilities...he has FAS. Safety nets have always been in place for services and programs for him..special school setting and curriculum...the day he turned 17 1/2..its alllll gone..done...there is NOTHING to help him anymore...

I love my son dearly..more than he could possibly know..I would give my life for his..Oh how I pray he finds Jesus and knows how much he is loved by his heavenly father... God has a purpose for his life..a plan..a WONDERFUL plan ... and living on the streets isn't one of them!

My friend shared with me that God also watched Adam and Eve,His children, sin,He let them choose,and He let them fall ..oh how that must have hurt His heart deeply...knowing what the consequences would be...I'm reminded that guilt isn't from God but from the devil and I'm holding onto God promise that if I raise my children up in the way they shall go..they will NOT depart from thee !! Thank you God for your promises. Lord please watch over my children...all of them..I understand they have free will, and as much as I wish that could be changed..maybe until they are 30...that it cannot! God please grant them your favor, keep them warm and safe...Father I trust in YOU...draw them near...let them know YOU, as their Lord and Savior,its not their mom...Use me as their mom to show them that !!! In Jesus name I pray !
I love you Connor Lee Samuel....God loves you even more !!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

New pictures today..YEAH!!!!!

What a wonderful day God has truly blessed us .. these past few weeks have been so very very hard..
Jesus knew we needed this!!!!
He knew I needed this to lift my heart up for the without further a she is ...
      our shining star...Carrington Sophia..
                 W A R N I N are about to enter and expose yourself to some super cuteness !
Carri turns 3 Dec 17th...isn't she precious...OMG..the girls cant wait to do her hair...I cant wait to get my hands on see her smile,and laugh and sing...Sweetie,we love you so very very much...

Thank you Jesus for this precious precious gift,Thank you for all of your blessings with my children,all of my children and lead them all, to know you as their personal savior !!!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

A new Grand daughter

What a precious WONDERFUL moment it was to see Jayla Nicole Purdy come into this world.
She is so precious and perfect .... God thank you for this little baby..thank you that she is healthy and strong! Jayla weighed 6# 11oz  and was 19  14" long...she has alot of dark hair,I'm praying it turns RED like her daddy's was when he was little..hahaha..mommy and daddy are praying it doesn't..I think Grandmas trump don't you? Okay without further a she is in alllll her glory..
Ms. sweetie pie Jayla...

Monday, October 29, 2012


                    Here we come ! Time for finger prints, WHOOOOHOOOO!!!
                              I was so excited to get our apt in the mail today..
       Dad not so much...We have to be there at 8 am...hah...its about a 4 hour drive !!

Thank you God for all you have blessed us with,
                                                    for our children,for our home,for our health !!

                         Just some of my Precious Punkins !!

Rest in Gods love and Promise...Rona

Friday, October 19, 2012

Family fun X16 !!

Last Sunday we took the kids on a mini family fun day.Its always alittle hard trying to think of things we can do as a family,just the 18 of us (wink) ...Finding things we can do for the day that all the kids,big and small will enjoy that is.Not to mention something a family who is planning a adoption,can afford.

                                                      All packed in and ready to goooo !

                                                     Santa in the bathroom...reallly ???

 This is the Infinity Room..there is nothing under it to hold it there and it shoots way out into the can even see through the glass floor under you ..all the trees..It sways in the wind..FREAKY !

                                              Gracie the Next American Top Model !

                                            Daddy and Madison listening to the music..

                                                                We see you Hope !!

                                                                 CHOMPPP !!

                                            All OUR Blessings,Big and Small !!

    Well this time we decided to take the kids to The House On The Rock.Its about a 2 hour drive from our house.We left early,around 7am, Mom planned alot of fun special little things to do along the way...We all packed into the van and away we went...The kids didn't know what to expect..its hard to explain,its a house and so so so much more ... we all had a blast and enjoyed our time together...

At one point however they lights did flicker and later the lights went out..We were alittle disappointed ..some of the main attraction's didn't work....We later  learned the house was struck by lightning...HA ! Oh well..just another element of fun added to our day !! In light of the storm..we were given FREE tickets to return within a years time...

Thank you Lord for the many blessings you have given us...and for Free tickets to return for another family fun filled day !


Friday, October 12, 2012

Another week another Friday..

And what a GREAT ONE IT WAS ...AAI has our Home Study,and a check for USCIS and soon we will be off to get out fingers printed....been there done this many times..Rick thinks its silly to have to do this again and would think they could re submit our finger prints..since they havent changed..DUH..Oh well..its a little drive with my honey and me and some time alone...that's always a treat too!

Please pray and ask God if YOU are to be the BLESSED parents of these sweet littles..they are sooo sweet and waiting for you to come and get them out...they deserve love and a family...they deserve to be valued.

"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'  Matthew 25-40.

Here are some sweeties to steal your heart..

Girl, born November 2008
Down syndrome
Congenital Heart Disease – VSD, PDA, and a small ASD (which may have closed on its own). The report is from 2009, and it doesn’t say if she’s had surgery or if its recommended. Families should be prepared that she may need heart surgery.
What a beautiful girl!


Girl, born January 2007
Down syndrome Ruby is an active and lovely child.
At the age of 1 year and 3 months, she could only babble. At the age of 2 years, she could respond when calling her. At the age of 3 years, she enjoys listening to music and clapping hands along with it. At the age of 4 years, she could say a couple words, and enjoyed being cuddled. At the age of 5 years, she could express her ideas.
Ruby can walk, run, jump, dress herself and put on her shoes.


Girl, born Feb 2009
Down Syndrome
Sweet beautiful Burgandi is curious and energetic. She adores shoes and cuddling with her auntie as she strokes her face. She often laughs and teases. She is a good mimic and will often repeat actions or phrases. She is just precious! Burgandi has met multiple traveling families and has left her warm personality and sweet hugs lingering in their hearts. She has a way of drawing love from every one she meets.
Burgandi is bound to bring blessings to a family blessed enough to welcome her home.
$0.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption


Girl, born October 2009
This sweet little girl has been in care since she was approximately 5 days old and is waiting for her forever family. Upon admission she was found to be 18.8 inches tall and weighed 6.6 lbs. She has been diagnosed with Down syndrome as well as a heart murmur. She reportedly likes to dance with adults. She also enjoys playing with her peers whom she likes. She is described as an active little girl with strong adaptability and clear likes and dislikes. She enjoys playing and excitedly screams and laughs when she does. As of April 2011 she was able to walk alone, respond to her name, wave and follow simple instructions. In May 2011 she was 34.2 inches tall and weighed 30.8 lbs.
This little girl is in need of a family who are comfortable and prepared to parent a child with Down syndrome. Single moms permitted, no more than 6 children at home, only one parent has to travel.

$1025.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!
These children and more can be found on REECES RAINBOW !!