Love you forever,Like you for Always,

Love you forever,Like you for Always,
As long as Im living Your Mommy I will be !

Friday, November 8, 2013

Were HOME !!!!!!

God is sooooo good..Our time in China went fast It was wonderful spending time with the girls and they did fantastic .Our time in Guangzhou was the best....staying at the Garden was magical and soooo beautiful. I infact miss it already ! Shopping ---my favorite thing to do was also wonderful there..I was able to find many things for friends and for our family ...lil treasures to bring back.The childrens clothes were wonderful..little shops with beautiful dresses and shoes and darling outfits for really cheap prices I went crazy ..Thank God I married a great guy who lets me indulge a bit.

AAI was a GREAT AGENCY to work with...We also loved working with Mr Li while we were there.He was great to get us in on our apt first so we didn't have to wait..both on the Doctors apts for the girls as well as the Visa apts...Well you all know by now..Im not a long without further are our two new princesses !!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

11 days and counting DOWN !!

11 days until we leave to get our girls...I sooo cannot wait to get my hands and arms all around them. It seems so surreal. It has taken us 17 months to get to this point...Thank you for all the prayers...encouragement and support along the way...Any one who has been on the rollercoaster ride called Adoption knows what a ride it can be.
    Well my dears, we are almost there....We are still short on funds and have a short time to try to get the rest of the way...we so badly need our FSP page to read $8,193....we need just $1,113 more to get there. PLEASE Pray we will get there. We need the last of the funding to pay for our Motel and food as well as Medicals for the girls...I know our God is MIGHTY to save God's SOOOOOOOO GOT THIS !!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Pictures of our girls !

Peyton being silly and having fun at a Parade.

 Peyton Reece we LOVE
you dearly XXXXOOO!

Carrington Sophia our precious 3 year old...Mommy and Daddy are coming sweet girl !!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

16 more Breakfasts at home to fix...and we are leaving on a JET plane !!!!!!

I cannot believe it...we are SOOOOOOO close...God has blessed us in so many ways. I'm an emotional mess right now. We love our little girls sooo much, we cannot wait to hug them and kiss them alllll over !! Leaving our other kids home is hard, I cannot thank my dear friends enough for stepping up,taking some of the kids and helping us right now. You have made this sooo much easier...THANK YOU just doesn't cover it !!

Well We are still short on funds,God knows that..and we Trust He HAS a plan...
   We used the $5,100 from our RR account for Tickets...Our flights were over $7,000 total, including IN country travel. We have our 6 days at Holiday Inn to pay for yet, that will be another $1100...We paid for our week in G already, that was $1100,WHOOOHOOO.We have food for two weeks ((4 people)) at a guess of about $700..and Medicals for the girls $450 and Visas for the girls<<no idea>>..Bottom line..

We still need about $1500......we have a whopping 000000 left in savings...
             Want to be a part of the BLESSING ??
 Please pray about helping us get the rest of the way...

We Pray and PRAISE you Lord. We KNOW,and We TRUST, you have a plan !

With our eyes on Him,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Please pray with us !!

We really need your prayers. So many things have come in a lot higher than we predicted. We had a tight budget to begin with..and now that budget is blown to shreds! I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW God has called us to these girls..He has showed us in so many ways.We are so close to just 4 weeks we will be leaving...and we are short on funds ! I just booked our flights..and Motels...that hit us hard too. We know our God reigns..and He is in control !! Please will you pray for our family. Pray for God to show up in a MIGHTY WAY....this mom is growing weary!
God knows the totals..He knows our need..and I KNOW He has it covered !!

Monday, September 2, 2013


We are soooo close to traveling. We really need your help. We need to pay for our tickets this week and we are short on funding..We need our Reeces Rainbow account to read $7,300....we are so close..wont you please pray about helping us get there. Be a part of the blessing, any amount will help.
   Click on Carringtons photo on the right side of our blog to help us bring our girls home...Don't forget to comment and share a prayer request you have. Our family will add you to our list and we will together pray for everyone of you...Thank you for being a BIG WONDERFUL part of bringing our girls home !!
Keeping our eyes on Jesus,

Friday, August 30, 2013


The long awaited for TA..TRAVEL APPROVAL...We are leaving to get our girls !

   Oct 11th 2013 we will be in the air heading towards China...We will fly out of LSE,just 20 min from home....We will fly to Bejing first, then to our daughters province...Stay there a week and leave on Friday for our Consulate Apt. On Monday the 21st. the girls have medical apts..On the 22nd. we have our consulate apt..Then fly home on the 24th..and because we lost a day when arriving here..we leave on a Thursday and get home on a Thursday...HAHAHA....
   Here is another wonderful AWESOME God thing...We get our girls on Monday Oct 14th...
                     Peytons 7th Birthday !!  Our God is MIGHTY to save...NO MORE Birthdays in a orphanage my sweet !!!! You HAVE A Mommy and a Daddy who love you ... who are coming for you..and who will forever be with you...You have brothers and sisters who cannot wait to meet you...Hold on sweet wont be long now...

Love, Mom