Love you forever,Like you for Always,

Love you forever,Like you for Always,
As long as Im living Your Mommy I will be !

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


We are starting to sell T-shirts for our adoption fundraiser....Add TO your COLLECTION !!!! This is a super soft like pajamas shirt..all in Unisex sizes from S to XL...2X and up please add $2.00...We are preordering will take 2 weeks for them to arrive...
Shipping IS included...

They will cost $23.00 each including shipping... Pay here...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Abby skypes with her birth mom

Today was a day filled with tears and praises ! Abby was adopted from Ethiopia in 2007..her gotcha day infact was 7/7/07 hows that for a loving touch from the Lord ! We have been able to locate two of our children's families and unable to find Abbys...until now...Here they are ..seeing eachother for the first time in 7 years....the first photo is of the last time they were together...Abby was 7... Thank you God for this treasured gift!!
 A mother who gave her life and love....
 And a Mom who gave her a future....

Friday, September 19, 2014

Paper work Paper work and more Paper work !

Working on our home Study.Thank God we wont have to do all the clearances in different states like we did last time.That took forever ! Five months it took for our last Home Study...praying this time is more like 2 to 3..We are using the same agency. I made Doctor apts for the kdis who haven't been to the Dr for a year..Rick and I need one as well..thats about all we have left....Our worker is coming Oct 2nd and combining both our post adoption visit with our first Home Study visit! Well guys a write I am not...just wanted to thank all who are donating to help us bring Paisley home !!!
Here is a picture of our Paisley Alexis !!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Anyone notice a empty chair?

We had our family picture taken at church..its the photo above.It was for the Directory,something our family hasn't done yet...gather together and say CHEESE.This was something Me..MOM wanted badly..And we had our two new littles from China to be in it so, it was perfect timing.Getting all the clothing together and picked out..getting everyone hair done and braided,was a lot of work...but worth it...
     Once we got the photo...we noticed a empty chair..Hmm strange is that...really weird infact..
We joked about how God had plans to fill that chair...little did we know was no joke!
  Here we are .. one month shy of 1 year getting home with Peyton and Carrington,..a YEAR after our family photo was taken..and God calls us again..
Soon we will  welcome home another BEAUTIFUL, Treasured daughter,one God has chosen for our family..she is the child missing in our family photo..she is the missing piece...Our daughters name is Paisley Alexis !!

Thank you Lord for blessing me and for calling me to be your daughter for eternity...Bless you father for all you do for my family and for never giving up on me..Thank you for drawing me closer and closer to you and for your grace every moment in my day ..You are so faithful Jesus and I love you !!!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Where has the time gone ???

We have been home with Carrington and Peyton almost a year already....WOW! It has been busy and WONDERFUL all rolled up in one...The girls are in school and they love it ! Peyton got a new wheel chair and that was a huge blessing !
Carrington is potty training and talking so much ... she is pure joy! Here are a few pictures of our Precious Princesses !
God is sooooo good !

Love, Rona

Friday, November 8, 2013

Were HOME !!!!!!

God is sooooo good..Our time in China went fast It was wonderful spending time with the girls and they did fantastic .Our time in Guangzhou was the best....staying at the Garden was magical and soooo beautiful. I infact miss it already ! Shopping ---my favorite thing to do was also wonderful there..I was able to find many things for friends and for our family ...lil treasures to bring back.The childrens clothes were wonderful..little shops with beautiful dresses and shoes and darling outfits for really cheap prices I went crazy ..Thank God I married a great guy who lets me indulge a bit.

AAI was a GREAT AGENCY to work with...We also loved working with Mr Li while we were there.He was great to get us in on our apt first so we didn't have to wait..both on the Doctors apts for the girls as well as the Visa apts...Well you all know by now..Im not a long without further are our two new princesses !!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

11 days and counting DOWN !!

11 days until we leave to get our girls...I sooo cannot wait to get my hands and arms all around them. It seems so surreal. It has taken us 17 months to get to this point...Thank you for all the prayers...encouragement and support along the way...Any one who has been on the rollercoaster ride called Adoption knows what a ride it can be.
    Well my dears, we are almost there....We are still short on funds and have a short time to try to get the rest of the way...we so badly need our FSP page to read $8,193....we need just $1,113 more to get there. PLEASE Pray we will get there. We need the last of the funding to pay for our Motel and food as well as Medicals for the girls...I know our God is MIGHTY to save God's SOOOOOOOO GOT THIS !!