Love you forever,Like you for Always,

Love you forever,Like you for Always,
As long as Im living Your Mommy I will be !

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Todays update..Hmmmm

Where do I start..Okay for some of you who do we feed so many kiddos...what do we fix for lunch and supper and in between.???.Here goes...We keep things simple yet healthy..Tonight we had mashed potatoes and hamburger gravy with green beans..Mom fixes the meal and three of the older girls take turns on clean up..Lunches are usually..tacos...home made soups and sandwiches...
Suppers we love Spaghetti...rice..chicken..chili..Hot dogs..Hamburgers and home made Mac and Cheese just to name a few.When I fix Mac and Cheese..I will use one large box of Creamettes and TWO boxes of Velveeta cheese ! There will be left overs for lunch the next day for the littles who are home.I use 18 qt pots . Rick goes to Sam's Club every Friday and spends about $200...we also do one power shopping trip at the local warehouse grocery store and spend about $400 a month there..Every day we pick up two gals of milk..and buy our bread from the bakery...I don't coupon..but should !We have two refridgerators and two freezers and they are usually full...we stock up when prices are low...It really isnt that difficult..You just fix more,and use bigger pots!! When we went from having 10 kids to 15 ..I just doubled the amount I use to fix..and it worked,we had enough.We buy the SUPER size bags of cereal..and we go through two bags a day !! Snaks are popcorn..icecream...rootbeer floats and the older girls make bars and cookies too...See it isnt that COULD do it tooo !!!
Have a great evening XXXO!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hi Ho its off to China I go !!

Oh YEAH ...if God said go...Im soooooo gone ! Look at this sweet precious little girl..I cannot look at her picture without crying! She is PERFECT in Gods eyes and in mine ! How could the world not know what a treasured blessing you are ...Im praying for you sweetie...what a treasure you are..You matter little matter !!
She takes my breath away !!!!!!

Girl, born August 2009
Diagnosis: Down syndrome,
possibly exposed to Hep B

Naya is a precious little one, and we are hopeful that we can find the right family for her. The agency has more photos and a complete medical and social history for interested families.

There is a $1,000.00 grant available from the agency toward her adoption costs.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love you to the Moon and Back !!

Welcome to the Steinhoff family blog.I have been wanting to do this for a long looked so complex,yet a wonderful way to tell our story.Our story has drawn much attention I guess you could say...not sure why...we are just like the average family of 24,no different than any of you...Okay maybe alittle different..but I think you would be surprised how much we are all alike in real life! Many have asked how we do do you fix meals for that to do keep up with the laundry...homework and Doctor apts.These are things I will share with you here..also I will share about adoption..a passion and calling ..special needs children issues and adopting older children as well as disruptions...I dont have all the answers..these are just my opinions...Im not wonderful or special..and you will hear me say this alot "This ISNT about me"...Its all about going when God says Go !

Happy Birthday Aly Grace Steinhoff (Princess)

Aly is 9..can you believe it? I sure cannot,where has the time gone.Aly joined our family when she was only 6 months old,to say she is a "Daddy's" girl would be a HUGE understatement! Aly is sweet sensitive and calm..she loves animals of all kinds..creatures big and small...Yes even gross critters like snakes and worms! Aly loves horses most of all oh yeah and Lions .. Give the girl a rubber snake and a stuffed lion and she is happy as can be! For Alys Birthday we went to Chuck E Cheese,she has Princess cupcakes and ice cream with all the toppings. She got a bible bag with a lion on it..a butter fly house,we are ordering caterpillars tomorrow so we can watch them turn to cool is that..Oh and a stuffed Giraffe...Here are some then and now photos of our Princess Aly...When asked what her name is,she will STILL reply "Aly Grace Steinhoff Princess" and that she is !! Love you to the moon and back my sweet girl !!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

No Cook Friday !!!

Its Friday..Its Friday...that means Mom doesnt have to cook, WHOOOHOO! Every Firday dear ole dad goes to Sams Club on his lunch hour...he buys Pizza among many other things.Tonight we watch movies together as a family,eat pizza,and talk about our day and our week and what our plans are..Tonight's Family movie:Mr.Poppers Penguins!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet the Family

  • Our children are ages 37 down to age 4.We have two in college.One who is married to my wonderful daughter in law and one precious grandson.We live on 6 acres that is also home to two mini fainting goats,ragdoll cats and Doodle dogs.We also have a parrot,an African Grey what else !Often people ask how big our house is.We live in a quad level home.We have 6 bedrooms and 7 sets of bunkbeds.Three bedrooms up on the top floor are for the girls and master bedroom...the kids bedrooms sleep 4,they are large enough for every child to also have their own dresser as well.The second level has another 3 bedrooms.two of the rooms sleep two boys each..the other is for our three older girls.We also have 3 bathrooms.Our home was built in 1997 and we took it from a 3 bedroom and made it into a 6.Our home is over 3,000sqft.
  • After years of adopting and the costs involved..sadly to say our house took a beating because all extra funds went into getting our kiddos home.Praise God for the adoption refund,because we are now able to fix the house up and become debt free except for our Mtg.
  • God is sooo good !
  •                                         Our pool all covered up for the winter...
                            This is the Florida room off the back of the house..
    Our house in the Fall