Love you forever,Like you for Always,

Love you forever,Like you for Always,
As long as Im living Your Mommy I will be !

Thursday, April 5, 2012

If God says Go,we will Go!

Wow..Its been awhile hasn't it? Lots of new things at the Steinhoff house lately..We are getting a new bathrooms and the kids bedrooms are freshly painted,new wood floors going in..Oh and a roof .. that was badly needed.We had alot of mold issues, Praise God we got it and its now gone.My breathing was terrible the last two winters..I was on three different medications...I have never had asthma or allergies before,now we know why.Praise God we found it when we did!
God has blessed our family so much..we are so grateful to Him for all He has blessed us with..We are now debt free and able to fix up our home.Things we weren't able to do for years because getting our kids home was more important..they WERE priority! Now because of our adoption refund,we are able to fix the house..and pay off bills,God is SOOOO good ! 

If God is calling you to adopt..don't ever let money get in the way..we look at the numbers and I believe with all my heart, the enemy will use that to bring in fear,Fear is the opposite of FAITH my friends ! God calls us to care for the widows and orphans..He can and He will provide for all your needs if you Trust in Him !
Children really die every day..everyday children lay in beds unloved,un touched,they aren't valued..they aren't fed,they lay in urine stained bedding and often wrapped so tight they cannot move.Its real..I'm telling you because I have seen it with my own eyes!
I know I cannot save them can stop telling me that..
Believe me I know that to be true, because I'm haunted by all the children's faces I cannot save ! I can only  imagine how our heavenly Father feels when He looks down at His precious children !
God has given us sooo much...and to those He gives much,He expects much to be given !

  Rick and I are praying about adopting again.Two little girls have touched our hearts and we have both agreed to pray about it..Several things had to work before we could seriously move ahead and we prayed and asked God to either open or close the doors.

No.1..An Agency had to agree we could adopt,several reasons why this shouldn't be possible..

No.2...Rick had to be 100% on board,another issues I was pretty sure wanst going to happen.

No.3..We had to find a Home Study agency who would do our Home Study..this will be hard because of the size of our family.

No.4..For this country,we didn't make enough taxable income,We had too many children,wayyyy over their limit infact...They had to agree with waivers.

No.5...The country had to agree to us adopting when we are in our 50's..

No.6..Rick and I also agreed one time travel is our only option..We also looked into the Ukraine,But being away for two weeks twice was not a good choice for our family.
   There were many more things we took to God and asked that He make things clear...God answered EVERY request..He showed up in a mighty way,as He has done before and let His will be known.
 We are stepping out in Faith ...if God is asking us to move forward..we go..period!
 It doenst matter how things look, what others think,what matters is that we obey God !

So many times God calls us to do the unthinkable..He calls us to do things we cannot imagine...and we go,we step out with Faith and honor His call..pure trust that he will give us ALL we need .. Does this look crazy to the outside world..oh yeah,sure it does...will others have opinions,strong ones..will they think we cant do this, how its unfair to our other children..

I'm sure some will..fact is..with God all things are possible..We are NOT doing this for us..we are not looking for comfort in this have a new car or take big expensive vacations..fact is
                             THIS ISN'T ABOUT ME !
I'm not here to be comfortable..I'm not here to keep up with the neighbors...
I try not to care what others some degree I don't,but there is another side of me that wants respect and unconditional love..We can agree to don't have to understand,or even be on board with our choices..that's fine..but please keep that to yourself.
.if you feel soooo strong about it,take it to God.
Below are two precious angels who have touched our hearts in a mighty way !



  1. Ohhhhhh, they are too sweet! Just want to cuddle them up! Am so excited for you as you follow God's calling, and work to bring these two little sweethearts home!
    Will be praying for you and your family,

  2. Question, I'm not too blog smart yet. How do you get the blog list on the right, to show up the way you do (with the blog name, and newest post etc.)