Love you forever,Like you for Always,

Love you forever,Like you for Always,
As long as Im living Your Mommy I will be !

Friday, April 13, 2012

God moves in a mighty way..

GLORY ! Yesterday let me tell you what God did.Our two girls live in different cities.. we were told in different provinces as well.What that means is longer stay in country as well as  ALOT more money..I for one couldn't see how this would be possible. ''God .. if this is your will,I know you will make a way"...staying in country for 4 weeks just isn't an option either, how were we going to chose one of the girls..??
I had no idea.I decided to get online and see how far apart the girls lived..If they are far apart..clearly we cannot move ahead on hard as it was going to be to pick just one..we would need to pray and seek Gods will.
I called our social worker and she said infact we would be the ONLY family adopting two from different provinces...WOW !

I was looking online and I found both cities the girls are in..and guess what..
They are in the SAME province !!!

Once again our God has moved in a mighty you know how much of a miracle that is ??
It would be the same as looking online for two children available for adoption....among hundredsssss of children finally feel God calling you to these two,you found the children separately,with different agencies and on different waiting lists..and you later find out they are in the same state !! What are the chances....why with God..I would say VERY GOOD !!

Praise Him I give all the glory...Thank you Jesus !!


  1. Love your story Rona - have you gotten you PA yet? Your two little ones are too cute. We got our PA for our little one (she's 4) and I hope to announce on Facebook once we have finished telling our parents and siblings! I'd love you to follow my newish blog too. I will add yours to my list. I am new at blogging and not too great at keeping up with it! Love the look of yours! Julie

  2. No PA yet....AGH ! waiting waiting waiting ...and PRAYING !!