Love you forever,Like you for Always,

Love you forever,Like you for Always,
As long as Im living Your Mommy I will be !

Thursday, September 20, 2012

WOW Time Flies...

Hello fellow Bloggers..long time no see. Ive been so crazy busy with getting my kiddos ready for school and getting the house in order buying shoes and socks and coats and back packs and pencils
X14 ..WOW! The cost involved in getting 14 kids ready for school is HUGE...can you say,2nd morgage...okay well almost!
  Lots of new things happening around here,or not happening around here..We still don't have our Home Study done..UGH! Im so beyond tears on this subject..its hard to be patient when forms are lost and you have to track peole down once again..sigh.
We are still waiting on a few things to come from Mo and Ohio on some of the kiddos...its so hard,I keep calling and mailing,then calling some dare they lose the forms..I mean really ??   I know how International adoption goes...we hurry up to wait...I really did move quickly on all the paperwork and the the appointments went very fast .. I was told this would go quickly,Yeah right.We are now going on 4 months for the Home Study and we are STILL not done.Our Dossier is ready and waiting..we need to get our Finger Prints and ISCIS yet.... for now,we are at a stand still, waiting on the last of these clearances...(deep breath)
We did received one this week,WHOOPEE,I'll take that ...Thank you Lord !  Just 3 more....Lord please let next week be the week they all come back !

  Well,we are 99% done with the house,just a few little things left..I'm happy to have the house clear of people coming and going...although I'm very thankful for all they have done. It looks wonderful.I love the bathrooms and the wood floors in the girls bedrooms are so easy to keep clean ! What a gift this has all been .. I'm so thankful .. Thank you Lord!

Aly and Hayden are back in public school this year...teachers were happy to see them..I real do love Viking Elementary !! I'm open to Home Schooling them once again if the need arises...for now I believe they are where they are suppose to be..and they are happy!
  Rick and the big girls have been running...they did a 10K and a 5K this summer..they are now training for another by running 13 miles ..really...I cannot even imagine..OMG !!! Its something I would love to join them in ...well...maybe someday!!

  God is so good...Lord I love you and I worship you and I thank you for my family..I thank you for my children and I give you all the GLORY. I cannot believe once again Rick and I will be getting on a plane .. I cannot tell you how much we are in love with this little girl.....I need to remember this will all happen in YOUR perfect timing...Its so hard when we know who our daughter is..she is going to bed every night without our love and hugs..she is turning 3 in December without a Birthday celebration. She doesn't know she has a family who longs to hold her and love her!

Just keep swimming swimming swimming!


  1. YAY! So glad to read your post Rona. It seems to be a slower process for China than I had been led to believe (thought SN was much quicker). We spent a month waiting for one form. Now we are waiting to hear that our dossier is off to China. Seems to be so slow after all the crazy homestudy paperwork. Hoping yours will move along here quickly. Excited for you and your new little one!

  2. Hi Julie ! We have waitied MONTHS for some of the clearances and infact are STILL waiting for 3..UGH!! Once again learning to trust Gods perfect timming! Thanks for saying Hello my dear !