Love you forever,Like you for Always,

Love you forever,Like you for Always,
As long as Im living Your Mommy I will be !

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Clearances..gotta HATE them !

WOW..clearances...I really cant beguin to tell you how many we have needed in this adoption.Not to mention every child in our house over the age of 10 needed them too..Now I agree,there is a reason for them and its important to get them and all but, R E A L L Y ???   Each one of us who fit that category (over age 10) needed..County clearances..State clearances...dept of Social Service clearances..
as well as Adam Walsh clearances..From every State we have lived in since age 18...Now wouldn't you think the State would be enough...AGH ! 

The pain in the butt clearances were working with Missouri and Ohio for three of our kids..Missouri being the worse one...they kept arguing that there were no juvenile records to collect data from..Later to learn there was a different form to request this information and a fee involved..4 weeks after sending IN the fee and new forms..I call and learn there is a 3 MONTH back up..the lady I spoke with wasn't having a GOOD day either because she wasn't very pleasant to talk with..she infact hung up on me,after I explained,many of our completed forms would expire by then....AHHHH...
                          Its all yours God ..yours God,everything is yours !!!
Yesterday we still needed 3 clearance forms to complete our Home Study...did I tell you,we started our Home Study in MAY ..and it is now Sept ! Having been there done this before..I put it all together quickly..we had our home visit fast as well.....Ahhh, once again ..clearances..gotta love them..Okay where I was going with all this ranting is..we have TWO in today and the last one on its way...PRAISE you Lord !

I leave you with the little one who inspires all this paperwork and patience...because she is sooo worth it !!



  1. Rona - we have had the same problems with getting all our clearances in. We only had to do ourselves and our nearly 18 year old. Once everything got in, our agency quickly pushed us ahead to get our DTC (just yesterday). I am sure you are close now. Your new daughter is beyond adorable!! Hang in there...

  2. Julie...God is working here..We have been waiting for MONTHS on a clearance for Monroe county...Guess what..we DONT need a clearance for Monroe county..DUH! I called Mo where two of our boys lived with their first family before coming here...we again have been waiting for a long time for their clearance...again I called them this week and they said they are 3 months back on getting to the back ground checks..REALLY ? are they kidding me..why so long.She told me to fill it out online and it would only take two days..we would loose the $20 we sent in with the form and have to pay another $20 for it to be done online but we will get it in a couple days...D O N E ..20 smonty..we need that clearance yesterday ! Im really praying Julie they our HS can be done in the next few weeks..we have already read the first draft...AGH! It all in Gods timing...Now tell me my dear..when do you think you will travel?