Love you forever,Like you for Always,

Love you forever,Like you for Always,
As long as Im living Your Mommy I will be !

Friday, May 15, 2015

Introducing another Special Angel

We have been praying for a long time about a little girl we heard about back in December.A family met and fell in love with her and was determined to help her family find her.She is 9 years old and oh so tiny just like Harley...She is also in Harleys same orphanage. We have been pushing to get her file ready for months...We decided If God had her ready when we traveled for Harley..that would be our sign we are to bring her home as well...Serge worked and pushed to get her ready..he found her parents and they both agreed to sign all the forms needed and they wanted their daughter to be adopted...We have just learned all the paperwork has been filed and our sweet girl will be available in less than 2 months ... She is so deserving and precious... Thank you Lord for putting the lonely in families...for making my heart ach for orphans..for making it possible to bring this sweet girl home too...Lord I ask that YOU meet the funding we need to do this..I KNOW and I trust you have that all figured out as well and we say YES,we WILL go!

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