Love you forever,Like you for Always,

Love you forever,Like you for Always,
As long as Im living Your Mommy I will be !

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Goodbye Paperwork !!!!

We WONT miss you !! With a mix up on our Home Study,we once again had a set back..not to worry tho..Our God straightened it all out and we are full speed ahead.We have our USCIS approval in hand.WHOOHOO!
I was able to talk with our worker at AAI,Ky Bower <she is wonderful by the way> and we are a couple weeks from DTC <Dossier to China> We will at that time be LID <Logged in Date> what does all that mean you ask ? It means we are 5 months from travel..we will be traveling in July or early Aug...Praying for July !!
It will be HOT in China at that time..that's okay..the kids will be out of school..making it easier to find friends to watch them when we are gone...We will be gone 14 days..Im excited and Rick is as well...having done this before,we know what a precious time of bonding this will be..

On another note..please be in prayer for all of the children and foster homes in Henan Province..there is alot happening there and many of the foster homes are being closed...the children are being moved to orphanages,its a very sad situation as many of the kids are indeed special needs and need one on one attention.Some,this is the only family they have known and they have thrived there...going into a big orphanage under staffed is a death sentence for them..Also please pray for the Nanny' sad it must be for them..they have dedicated their lives to care and love on these precious angels...not they must let them go..Both of our girls are in this does effect Peyton..she was taken out of a large orphanage just 7 months ago...she was bed ridden and 7 short months this child has come back to life...

Please pray for God to intervene ..Thank you

Our very precious,beautiful,worthy of love and a family,
                               Peyton Reese.

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